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      Lara CostaLara Costa
      ✓ HERE Staff

      I wanted to create a thread here to use this space to first share our petition to support International Students, please read and sign: We Are Here!

      Also, to open this space for everyone to share your stories. I have been hearing stories of minor-aggressions towards Asian people because of the virus. Also, it can be a good space to collect stories from international students being separated from their families and the struggles to financially sustain themselves amid COVID-19. Please, let’s share our stories and support each other.

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      I am so grateful for this space .

      Because we internacional students need support.

      In Canada I can work just in part time jobs. With my job I pay my  bills and two health plan  . As I am student at Uvic I just get apply in my program if I pay my fees before. Together expansive fees I pay my rent , my health plan ( Canadians and Permanent Residents no pay) and my food and together with this any Homestay  try say that international students can be with Corona Virus if you show a simple headache or any student travelled one month ago before this pandemia.  Because of this I would like say Thank you to Here Magazine for creating a petition to support us Internacional Students this hard time where we are afraid being sicker without support. Thanks for this petition.You are amazing



Viewing 1 reply thread
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