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      Illustrations plays a great role in the visual learning. This is one of the basic reasons why businesses too today are using creative visuals and illustrations to convey their business message to the audience. In the case of young minds, authors approach Illustrators for hire children’s books to create an images and characters for their book. Every colour used in the illustrations help the young mind to remember the story and become better critiques. Do you think visuals and images is an important part of the early development and learning stages of a child?

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      Lara CostaLara Costa
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      That is very interesting Michelle! One of our IPALs sessions at GVPL (Central Branch) that I’ve participated in, we discussed the importance of reading through the images. The Greater Victoria Public Library actually provides children’s kits that you can take home with books, puppets, toys, and music (cd or hard drive) to help you to illustrate your storytelling! And YES, I believe that having those visual elements can really help with the child development.  The best part: it is free! They also have books in different languages!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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