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      The logo will be the most important element of your brand identity. It will reflect your values and personality. Think of your logo as a person. I know I shouldn’t compare logos with people. But let’s try. Let’s call the person… Mmmmmmm (still thinking) “Fulano”. How old Fulano is? What does he wear? What kind of music doe he like? Where does he live? Does he have an iPhone or android? Is he on social media? What’s his background etc.

      Also very important why this person is called “Fulano” and what’s the meaning of his name?

      Once you have that you will have your concept, the atom of your brand.

      Now, this is the funny part. Imagine that “Fulano” has a gala event. The brand identity will help “Fulano” to dress up for the occasion. To be formal and always be himself.

      Maybe “Fulano” gets an invitation to a skateboard contest. We can check with the brand identity if he can wear vans and shorts, maybe he can use more slang. But what if Fulano is 65 five years old. I don’t think he will look very good wearing vans and shorts. Or maybe he will look pretty cool!

      So here is where my girlfriend will say: Yes, great story, but what about the simple questions that I asked five minutes ago?

      The question, yes. Actually, I’m a little bit confused by the question. I don’t think the logo will make your brand identity. I think the logo is part of your brand identity.

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