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      It becomes evident when an illustration is good and functional and that is due to the effect they out on their viewers, which enables them to pass as ‘good’ illustrations. However, the criteria is based on the originality of an illustration and how bold it is and that can be supported with a powerful storyline within children’s illustration. Not only is it going to allow your viewers in understanding the illustration effectively but help you in standing out against the crowd. Do you think there are any other factors that are included when it comes to determining an illustration as ‘good’?

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      Lara CostaLara Costa
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      I do not have a lot of experience with children’s illustrations, but I really think the storyline supports the chosen design style of the illustration. Sometimes, the simpler the better! But I think the use of colours makes a huge difference in the children’s world. It definitely helps the illustration to stand out.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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