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This is for writing lovers! “From Blog To Ink” is a great opportunity to have your story featured in our next printed issue! Our Online Community is already an open space for everyone to share their stories and perspectives, and now we want to use our Blog space to turn these challenging times we are all experiencing into inspiration and reflection!

We are looking for different perspectives about the pandemic. Check out some of the examples we are looking for for our next issue and the contest rules.

Contest requirements:

  • The writer must be a newcomer, immigrant, or refugee living in Canada.
  • 300-word count limit.
  • Include at least one picture to illustrate your blog post.
  • The subject of the blog has to be related to the pandemic and express your perspective about it.
  • The post with more likes will not decide the winner, but might be used as a tie-breaker.
  • Deadline to submit your blog post: July 31st at 11:00 pm.

Contest prizes:

  • All blog posts will be entered into a draw for a $100 grocery card.
  • Winning blog post will be published in our print Fall Issue of Here Magazine and the author will receive a $75 honorarium.

Examples of stories:

  • Your perspective on being separated from your partner due to the pandemic. (i.e. non-essential travel barring your family from entering in Canada)
  • Being a refugee and facing more isolation in Canada.
  • Your experience as a newcomer living in Canada during the pandemic.

How to participate:

  • Join our Online Community
  • Go to the Blog Section
  • Post your story!
  • Share with your friends to get more likes and give you a little push!
  • Stay tuned on our social media for the results.

We are in this together, and the best way to get through these difficult times is by sharing inspiring stories, expressing ourselves, and checking in on our community. We can’t wait to read and PUBLISH your story!