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I had a great time writing about the first session of My Job in Canada workshop. However, I wanted to describe the second series “How do I have a successful interview” in a different format this time. I asked my friend Lara for advice, and she suggested I make a video out of it. Although I had zero experience making, producing and editing videos, I accepted the challenge. It was something that came out of the blue, and I did not have the chance to plan it out beforehand. However, thanks to the generosity and patience of the people who volunteered to help me with this small project, I am pleased with the result.

It was thrilling for me to do something I had never done before. It also ended up being a great practice opportunity for the interviewees—dealing with the anxiety of being on camera seems somehow related to the distress of going through a job interview. Knowing that now they feel better prepared to face an interview makes me happy.

The idea behind the video was very straightforward. I simply asked two questions: “Why are job interviews so scary?” and “How much better prepared do you feel now for a job interview?”

Additionally, I would like to thank Saray, Dallas, Tomoko and Aimen for their time and willingness to help me with this small project. I learned a lot from them and their words inspired me to share this video.



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