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Our Employment Opportunity Exchange (EOE) is a popular employment connection event in Victoria. Learn more about what it is and why you should participate.


What is the EOE?

Similar to a job fair, the EOE is an annual event that connects newcomer job seekers and recruiting employers. The EOE is Victoria’s only newcomer-focused employment connection event.

We held our first EOE in 2018 and over 400 people attended! Read about that first event. After such positive reviews, we held one every year after.


Why should I go?

The EOE allows job seekers to establish personal connections with employers, grow their network, and find meaningful employment in their new country. For employers, it allows them to connect with qualified talent, broaden their network, and create sustained employment. It is beneficial for both job seekers and employers.


How is the EOE different from a traditional job fair?

The EOE is more interactive than a traditional job fair. It offers Q&A sessions, Engagement Tables, 1:1 information sessions, cultural intelligence workshops, and panel discussions for employers and job seekers to connect in a guided setting.


Who can attend?

If you’re a newcomer (immigrant, refugee, international student, and more) or a recruiting employer, you can attend! We welcome employers who value diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Which employers will be there?

We will regularly update all the employers on Facebook and Instagram.


How do I register?

Both job seekers and employers can register for the EOE on our Eventbrite. There is both a morning and an afternoon session—choose one or both. For employers, we will showcase two employers per industry. All industries are listed on Eventbrite.


“The EOE event kick-started a new career life for me, and I believe for many people as well.” – ChengBo Su, EOE attendee


“I participated in the Employment Opportunity Exchange and found the experience incredibly rewarding. Made multiple connections and found that the characteristics of an entrepreneur are very similar to those of people starting a new life in a new country.” — Calen McNeil, EOE employer


“This is the very best career fair/sharing exchange between newcomers to Canada and employers that I have been to…ever.” Jacquie Burden, EOE employer