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If there is anything that the coronavirus pandemic has taught the average person, it is that we are in an evolving world where the securities of today might not be adequate to cater for sudden unexpected changes, and this is irrespective of one’s placement in the society. The different sectors in the world have been forcefully thrown out of their comfort zones, so much that even if companies decide to settle, it won’t be long before they realize how far behind and irrelevant they have become.

We have all observed the sudden, huge shift in activities: jobs and schools moved online, and relevance is being judged by how much one can adapt to this new operational system. The truth is that human activities need to continue to thrive and solutions must be provided to the problems this pandemic has created.

Overcoming the pandemic challenges starts with individuals who are the immediate beneficiaries of the development. There must be a willingness to see through the pandemic to notice the opportunities it has created. While companies should make efforts to keep their profits up, they must be willing to promote societal survival through their services.

It is an awakening, not rude in this case, but enlightening; one that keeps change makers on their toes. While the pandemic brought a wave of shock, it created room to see things in a different light. Choosing to ignore this is like walking in front of a moving train.

In all of this, I have chosen to think about how the few skills and talents I have can be channelled towards a good cause. As a newcomer in Canada, the awkwardness of lock down and consequent isolation has deemed the zeal and determination to pursue the goal to be relevant long-term in a country with different cultures, and to make the most of opportunities as they present themselves.

It would be crazy for anyone to deny the effects of the pandemic and daring to say this is a global crisis only because of how the world chooses to handle it, but it is time to figure out ways to sustain the progress of our environment. There is now no profession that is irrelevant, if only we take the time to identify and acknowledge the societal gaps that have been exposed by the pandemic—acknowledge them and be innovative in providing solutions.

This post has one key message: Be open to the reality of using your position as a platform for change. For instance, if your skill would benefit children, then now would be a great time to impact them with solid gems for the world that has been presented to them. Why focus on the “spare the rod and spoil the child” mentality when we could put these kids on the right paths in communication, expression and leadership and never have to worry where the rod is?

It is time to open up streams of creativity, encourage ideas that are out of the box and promote a vision upgrade!

6 responses to “The Pandemic and Changing Priorities

  1. Such an amazing article. Well done👏👏👏. Truly the pandemic has indeed opened our eyes to the limitless opportunities we have to offer not just to our immediate environment but the world 🌎. This is a time to share our creativity.

  2. Brilliant article Jefus!
    This is the reality of things that we’ve been made to understand due to the pandemic. Now most of the world will learn from this eye opening experience thus resulting to a revolution in Key areas of our living.

  3. This is really beautiful Jef… The pandemic has sure given us enough time to ponder on a whole lot of things… The world is evolving so we must also revolve…work on improving ourselves everyday and also use what you have to impact others…

    Thanks for sharing… I look forward to reading more of your works❤️

  4. Wow!!! Jefus, this is a good read. It is so insightful. I really love your perspective about the pandemic. Well done 👍 Don’t stop writing!!!

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